In Spanish, the word mido means "to measure." In 1918, the company's founder, Georges Cheren, chose this name for his new business because he felt it reflected a desire for technical innovation and precision design.Mido's early years coincided with the emergence of the automobile industry. It was therefore only natural that the manufacturer specialized in wristwatches inspired by the radiator grilles used by early car manufacturers.

One of the Swiss company's earliest successes came in 1934 in the form of Multifort. This model remains a staple of the Mido catalog to this day.The release of Ocean Star followed in 1959 and also became a hit. Today, direct descendants of the Ocean Star are found in the Commander collection, while the Ocean Star name has been given to a new series of diver's watches.Mido exclusively manufactures its products with high-quality, corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel. Some models also get a PVD coating.

The company equips each watch with a proven ETA base caliber. The most common watch movements are Mido 60 and Mido 80. The number means the movement's power reserve: 60 or 80 hours, respectively.You can find a chronometer-certified version of the caliber 80 with a silicon spring in various "Super Precision" Ocean Star and Multifort models.