Original women's watches of famous brands

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Our women's wristwatches feature a variety of movements - mechanical, digital, smart, automatic and more. Emphasize your femininity with the luxurious combination of rose gold, small encrusted stones, leather chains, floral motifs or decorated dials. Our team of top specialists will help you find the perfect original women's watch that reflects your style and lifestyle.

Choose from women's watches from the most popular brands such as Casio, Olivia Westwood, Superdry, Just Cavalli and many more.

Undoubtedly, one of the most sought after and preferred models are Casio women's watches, which are the ideal accessory for the modern woman who appreciates both elegance and practicality. Whether you're at work, meeting friends or at the gym, Casio has a model that will fit your style and needs perfectly.
The precision quartz movement of Casio watches ensures accurate time measurement, enabling you to always keep up with the times. Additional functions such as chronograph, alarm and calendar provide you with convenience and practicality in any situation.
Combine stylish designs with wearability and get a women's watch that is the perfect balance between modern trends and classic sophistication. Choose from a variety of colors, materials and straps to find the one that matches your personality and preferences. You can see more about the brand and its models here: https://timedix.com/casio?c=177

In the product portfolio of the Timedix.bg website you will also find the Olivia Westwood brand known for its refined designs and attention to detail. Women's watches are no exception and offer unique models that attract attention with their luxurious look and impressive style.
The stainless steel case and clean dial are a symbol of flawlessness and class. Every element of the watches is carefully crafted to create grace and sophistication in your style.
Olivia Westwood women's watches are designed for true connoisseurs of exquisite beauty and fashion statement. Wear them with pride and confidence, exuding impeccable style in any situation. You can see more about the brand and its models here: https://timedix.com/olivia-westwood?c=177

We are happy to offer our users the Superdry brand, which stands out for its dynamic and modern designs that represent contemporary street fashion. Superdry women's watches combine unique aesthetics with practicality, giving you an accessory that is not only stylish, but also comfortable for every day.
The durable steel case and expressive dial are a symbol of confidence and expressiveness. Every detail is characterized by attention to quality and a modern look.
Superdry women's watches are designed for dynamic and stylish women who like to stand out with their unique image. Wear them with pride and courage, filling every minute of your time with positive energy and passion for life. You can see more about the brand and its models here: https://timedix.com/superdry?c=177

In our catalog you will also find the Just Cavalli brand, which is known for its innovative designs and inspiring style, which turn their watches into true works of art. Just Cavalli women's watches combine modern aesthetics with elegant classics, offering you an accessory that adapts to your style and mood.
The stainless steel case and elegant dial are a symbol of sophistication and style. Every detailed craftsmanship is inspired by boldness and avant-garde to create a unique look.
Just Cavalli women's watches are designed for bold and confident women who want to be the center of attention with their unique image. Wear them with boldness and style, exuding confidence and individuality. You can see more about the brand and its models here: https://timedix.com/just-cavalli?c=177

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