Original women's watches of famous brands

Women's watches are not just an accessory for measuring time, they are a symbol of style, individuality and sophistication. These elegant and precise models not only help you to always be on time, but also exude a sense of luxury and class. In the world of women's branded watches, the variety is limitless, giving every lady the opportunity to find that special watch that highlights her individuality and style.

From clean and minimalist designs to glamorous and sparkling models, women's branded watches offer something for every taste and preference. Golden, silver, rose gold, or black, white and colored - the color range is colorful and diverse.

In addition to the appearance, the branded watches that Timedix offers also combine exceptional internal qualities - a precise mechanism, they are made of strong materials and have functions that fully meet your needs. Our rich selection of women's models carries with it the history of great watchmakers and legendary fashion houses.

Wearing a designer watch for women is not just a way to keep track of time, but also a way to express your style and personality. This accessory adds a finishing touch to your look and makes you feel special. Trust the leading brands in the world of watches and discover the watch that will be your partner in the most important moments of your life.

One of the most sought after and preferred models that we are pleased to offer to our customers are the Olivia Westwood brand models. They are designed for true connoisseurs of exquisite beauty and fashion. Wear them with pride and confidence, exuding impeccable style in any situation. 

We are happy to offer our users the Superdry brand, which stands out for its dynamic and modern designs that represent contemporary street fashion. Superdry women's watches combine unique aesthetics with practicality, giving you an accessory that is not only stylish, but also comfortable for every day.

The durable steel case and expressive dial are a symbol of confidence and expressiveness. Every detail is characterized by attention to quality and a modern look.

Superdry women's watches are designed for dynamic and stylish women who like to stand out with their unique image. Wear them with pride and courage, filling every minute of your time with positive energy and passion for life. 

In our catalog you will also find the Just Cavalli brand, which is known for its innovative designs and inspiring style, which turn their watches into true works of art. Just Cavalli women's watches combine modern aesthetics with elegant classics, offering you an accessory that adapts to your style and mood.

The stainless steel case and elegant dial are a symbol of sophistication and style. Every detailed craftsmanship is inspired by boldness and avant-garde to create a unique look.

Just Cavalli women's watches are designed for bold and confident women who want to be the center of attention with their unique image. Wear them with boldness and style, exuding confidence and individuality. 

Browse our current offerings now and enjoy the impeccable style and quality we offer. Take the first step towards perfect time and a stylish appearance - order your wristwatch from Timedix.com today!

Ice-Watch 012825 Watch for Men and Women
44.74 63.91 valid until 31 Dec
Ice-Watch 013062 Women's Watch
64.42 92.03 valid until 31 Dec
Ice-Watch 001502 Women's Watch
49.75 71.07 valid until 31 Dec
Ice-Watch 012823
49.75 71.07 valid until 31 Dec