Ever since its founding in 1854, the classic American company Timex has offered high-quality timepieces at affordable prices. Timex's strong commitment to consumer needs places it at the forefront of the world's largest watch manufacturers.

As we know, the watch industry can be extremely fickle, susceptible to economic upheavals and changing trends. But Timex, a brand born before the turn of the century, manages to stay relevant in an ever-changing market.

How does this happen? It's easy to guess! With high quality and the belief that a man's style is not complete without an amazing watch on his wrist. Among the most famous collections of the brand are Ironman, Expedition, Weekender, Allied and others.

It is impossible for at least one person in your circle not to wear one of the incomparable Timex watches. You can ask him about his reasons for choosing this brand and you will see how many things you will get if you buy such an accessory. Yes, you will get much more than a watch!

And if not to another, then at least trust time - it is the most valuable test of everything. If a watch brand has withstood all the challenges in human history and come out on top again, then there is a reason for that.

What is the reason? You'll find out after checking out the watches below.