Skagen Denmark was founded in 1989 by Henrik and Charlotte Jorst, who decided to create a family business, moving their operations from Denmark to New York. Initially, they started by reselling watches, but subsequently decided to create their own brand. In 1992, they reported an initial turnover of $800,000, and 6 years later their sales grew to $30 million.

By 2011, the company managed to establish itself in foreign markets such as Europe, Asia and the Middle East. In 2012, Skagen Denmark became part of the Fossil Group in a deal valued at $225 million.

Skagen watches are multiple winners of one of the most prestigious "Red Dot" awards, making them one of the few brands so distinguished.

Their models are distinguished by a luxurious and lightweight design, they have a quartz movement and a steel or titanium case that gives exceptional strength and reliability.

Although the Jorst family is Danish in origin, their watches were never produced in their homeland. Originally manufactured in Hong Kong, now that they are under the Fossil Group umbrella, production takes place in factories owned or licensed by the company.

Today, Skagen watches are available in more than 60 countries around the world, and the brand continues to develop and expand its market share.


Skagen SKW6412 Men's Watch
73.32 122.20 valid until 30 Sep
SKAGEN SKW2151 Women's Watch
76.39 127.31 valid until 30 Sep