A brand with over 130 years of history. Tradition, high manufacturing standards and innovation have made ROAMER a Swiss watch brand with international authority. With a long-term development vision, ROAMER is gradually expanding its presence in the main markets while focusing on competitive price/quality ratio. The brand targets men and women who appreciate unique design and excellent Swiss craftsmanship at a reasonable price. This is a principle that has been encoded into every single model produced throughout their long history.

Precision Swiss movements power ROAMER watches. They are a symbol of uncompromising quality pedantry.
Each ROAMER wristwatch brings the feeling of freedom and can be part of your daily life on any occasion. The words that describe this brand today can be - CLASS, TRADITION, STYLE, QUALITY, PRECISION, VISION!


It began in 1888 with the ideal of its founder, Fritz Meier, to create a robust yet elegant timepiece, a valuable accessory that everyone would love to own. For this purpose, he created his own business in Solothurn, Switzerland - a workshop with six employees. This is the beginning.

1905 - The MST movements developed and constructed by Meyer and Stüdeli quickly gained an excellent reputation for their high accuracy and reliability in and outside of Switzerland.

The company currently has more than 1,200 people and is starting to produce its own dials and cases that are excellent in water resistance and dust resistance.

In 1952, the company name was changed to ROAMER Watch Co. SA, under which the famous watches are still sold.

A few years later, after being repeatedly improved over the years, ROAMER patented a waterproof watch case with which the company launched its Anfibio line. Anfibio has gained an excellent worldwide reputation for exceptional quality, durability and reliability.

1972 was the year ROAMER introduced its first quartz movement, the ROAMER microquartz. Several distinctive ROAMER quartz watches and chronographs were introduced in the seventies.

This is followed by the launch of the Competence collection - with which ROAMER makes a reference to its traditional past as a manufacturer of mechanical watches.

ROMAER's success story continues. See some of their models at Timedix.com


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Roamer Amalfi 852833-47-45-20 - Men's Watch
266.90 296.55 valid until 31 May