Mondaine – the Swiss railway watches!
This is the brand of watches that are made out of Swiss engineers and designers named Hans Hilifiker during the year of 1944. He, himself, has been a worker at the Swiss railways and creates a watch, which officially is known for being an “official, railway, Swiss watch”. Thus, during the yea of 1986 the company Mondaine seals the distinctive print on the watch: the red arrow. He creates a whole collection branded by the and thanks to the idea of the railway watch. 
The watches are made for the 21st century man. The models Stop2Go are with a very interesting mechanism, which is taken from the original, railway watch of the Swiss station. The famous red arrow, which makes one tour for 58 seconds, awaits the minute arrow to hit 12 before she continues. Cool, right! 2 seconds, which can change your life forever. 
Mondaine A763.30362.11SBO Women's Watch
122.30 152.88 valid until 31 May
Mondaine A128.30008.16SBC Women's Watch
326.82 408.53 valid until 31 May
Mondaine MSX.3511B.SM Women's Watch
142.75 178.44 valid until 31 May