Lorus is a brand of Seiko Watch Corporation and was launched in Europe in 1982 to complement the already popular Pulsar and Seiko brands. The brand's aim, since its inception, has been to offer a selection of budget timepieces that are stylish, quality and take advantage of Seiko Watch Corporation's latest technological developments. The brand enjoyed immediate success.

Today, Lorus has a product portfolio that impresses with its diversity. It includes watches for men, women and children, distinguished by the excellent price-quality ratio that has characterized Lorus since the foundation of the brand. Along with standard features, Lorus products also include specific features and functions, such as digital and dual displays, solar battery charging, and chronograph alarms.

If you're wondering if Lorus watches are any good, the answer is that you can't go wrong with one of their products. The fact that they have sold over 120 million watches worldwide is telling!

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