Jacques Lemans – creates time into an Austrian BEAUTY.
As you may know, the brand is Australian. Their partner and face of the brand are Jacque Lemans, the one, and only winner of an Oscar, Kevin Costner! He is not only a partner but a fan of the watches and wears a luxurious and beautiful model, named after him!
In many of his films, you will see that on his hand, there is a big and shiny watch. In many cases, this is not a random brand, but Jacques Lemans! 
The watches are classic, elegant and always modern. All watches from the brand have a strong bracelet and beautiful, special, dials in different colors. Most mechanisms, which you can find are quartz, very shiny and stylish with at least 3 stopwatches. Trust Hollywood and Kevin Costner! Choose an appropriate watch for yourself, wright, now.