Jacob Jensen – clear, New Age line of watches!
The Jacob Jensen watches are innovative, different, but never awkward!
If the world gets digitalized by different apps or the Internet 3.0, then this is the brand, which “digitalizes” the watch industry and offers the newest models never seen before. Jacob Jensen is the artificial intelligence in the 21st era of watchmaking!
Jacob Jensen is a Dutch designer. He has been one of the last designers, lived in the golden era of the Dutch, corporate pioneers in History! 
In the 20th century, there have been two style types: the rationalists and maximalists of Bauhaus, and the ultramodern style of the internationalists/Maya. Jacob Jensen mixes both of them together to make the well known, international/Maya pieces of art! The watches are one of the most sought-after ones in Denmark.
Analogue and digital, chronographs or mechanical: the design is Danish and is the only thing, needless to say, more. The designs of these watches are typically Scandinavian. The housing and the way in which this watch gets assembled with its strap are completely new and unseen on the watch market! Simple lines and perfectly proportioned forms are what the watches are made of. You can tell that the brand is The Architect in the watch industries! 
Jacob Jensen 845 Watch for Men and Women
51.90 74.14 valid until 31 Dec
Jacob Jensen 708 Women's Watch
89.12 127.31 valid until 31 Dec
Jacob Jensen 605 Men's Watch
124.91 178.44 valid until 31 Dec
JACOB JENSEN 741 Women's Watch
85.54 122.20 valid until 31 Dec