Ingersoll is a brand with over a century of history in the watch market. The company was founded in 1892 and began by selling working clocks for one dollar. Today, although the products are of significantly better quality and with a wide variety of functions, the brand still remains surprisingly affordable for its price category.

In the Ingersoll product range, a variety of models can be found that will satisfy the needs of any watch connoisseur. From classic designs to modern delights, the brand offers a variety that will satisfy every taste.

Ingersoll never stops developing watchmaking technology to offer the best to its customers. Whether you're looking for an everyday watch or a specialty model, Ingersoll can offer you quality products at affordable prices.

The brand continues to be a leader in the watch industry, focusing on product quality and making every effort to satisfy the needs of its customers.

These watches offer the perfect combination of sophisticated style and high quality. Manufactured with automatic movements that ensure accurate timekeeping, they are ideal for people who value accuracy. Stainless steel bodies make them durable and extremely strong. Some models have gold cases, which gives them extra chic and elegance.

The dials of these watches are protected by hard and tough sapphire or mineral glass, making them resistant to scratches and wear. The straps are made of stainless steel, rubber or leather, offering a wide variety of choices for the user. Water resistance is in the range of 30 meters, which makes them suitable for wearing during activities such as washing hands and more.

Ingersoll watches are perfect for people looking for quality and sophisticated style at a reasonable price. They are suitable for any occasion and style, from sporty to formal. Due to their high quality, these watches are a perfect gift for a loved one, close friend or colleague.