The warranty is for a period of 2 years from the date of receipt of the watch for all new watches.

 For all models from the category Revalued - the warranty is 1 year.

 WARRANTY COVERS:Any manufacturing defects in the mechanism.

 PERIOD FOR REPAIR OF WARRANTY WATCH:The repair period is between 5 and 30 calendar days, depending on the damage and the complexity of the repair. One-way transport costs are borne by us, as well as all repair costs. When returning the repaired watch, the costs are borne by the buyer.



1. Battery life.

2. The normal wear and tear of time (e.g. scratches on glass, change in color and/or material of non-metallic straps and clasps made of, for example, leather, textile, rubber, wear of applied coating).

3. Any damage to any part of the watch arising from improper/unnatural use, lack of care, negligence, accidents (impacts, drops, crushes, broken glass, use of chemicals to clean the strap, etc.) ; Lack of or damage to decorative elements (inlaid stones or other decorative elements);

4. Improper use of the watch and failure to follow the user manual provided by us.

5. The user did not comply with the water resistance rating.

6. The watch has been tampered with by unauthorized persons (for example, for battery replacement, service or repair) or has undergone a change from its original appearance.


In order to maintain the validity of the guarantee provided to you by us, it is necessary to comply with the following conditions:

1. Comply with the water resistance requirements of the relevant model;

2. Even for watches with high water resistance, do not press the buttons while bathing;

3. Keep the warranty card provided to you when you purchased the watch.