The Grovana company has been in the hands of the Bitterly family for more than 90 years, founded way back in 1924. The factory with its own workshop is located in Tenniken, in northwestern Switzerland, near Basel. The company is private and, as a result, completely independent and with strict control over the quality of its products. Their brands are also Swiss Alpine Military and Revue Thommen.

The name Grovana began to be used in 1970/71 and their first collection was of the same name.

Between 1972-89, when there was also a big crisis in automatic watch models, they created their first quartz collection, and its success was lightning fast.

In the following years, in order for the company to develop and to optimize the warehousing and forwarding processes, they entered new markets in Russia and Eastern Europe

The years 2001/2002 were pivotal for the brand, as they signed a license agreement for the worldwide production and distribution of Revue Thommen watches. In this way, they guarantee the production of their mechanisms. That is why they are expanding and renovating their production workshop, modernizing it with the latest technical equipment.

Correct partner relations, independence and flexibility are just some of the qualities they value. Grovana is a brand that has proven itself over time with its high quality products and beautiful designs.


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