The Gant Company was founded in 1910 in New York by Bernard Gant. Initially, the brand did not produce watches, but clothes and accessories, but after the business expanded over the years, Gant decided to open a new page in their professional history. Thus began the production of men's and women's watches with an impeccable design. Gant watches are preferred by the general audience because they bring not only style but also convenience to everyday life. Most of the models are rich in functions that make them extremely practical. Each watch is made with a flawless mechanism called "Swiss Quartz". The brand also offers a wide selection of fully waterproof models. The men's line of Gant watches is characterized by a black or light dial color and straps made of textile, metal or leather. Most men's models have a chronograph or tachymeter. Gant women's watches are iconic for their classic elegance. A large part of them attract with their gold coating, Roman numerals and crystal decoration. If you are looking for quality and style at optimal prices, do not hesitate to trust Gant.