FOSSIL – Believe in that together we are better!
The company dates back to America and has been established in 1984. Fossil is a company for watches, which uses the design and innovation, in order to create distinguishing and unusual watches. The brand is inspired by the American vintage style. Every watch is made to create a unique first impression. In order to be even more functional and durable, the American brand mixes inspirations from their professional, Swiss watch-masters. 
Today, the brand Fossil makes the following, new generation of smartwatches. Except that they are always innovative and one with the most modern tendencies and technologies, Fossil offers analog watches as well, minimalistic and watches made out of Titan. The Fossil products are always with exquisite design and specific details, which make the watch simple, beautiful and stylish! 
Except for the beautiful watches, the company helps the World! The company has its own foundation “Fossil for the young” that helps social groups and communities. The foundation also organizes campaigns concerning the Earth and its state.