Festina is a company that boasts more than 100 years of experience in watch manufacture. It was founded in 1902 in Switzerland. As we all know, Swiss watches are one of the most accurate and well-known around the world. Over the years, Festina has established itself as a successful company and today it brings together several well-known brands: Lotus, Jaguar, Candino and Calypso
The success of the watches is due to the indisputable professionalism, detailed precision and years of experience in making each of the Festina models. The brand sells successfully in more than 60 countries, but the leading market is in France and Spain. In their collection, you will find watches that are appropriate for everyday life, as well as stylish timepieces to make an impression with at an important event. In the last few years, their brand ambassador has been Scottish actor Gerard Butler. Enjoy Swiss precision with Festina watches!