The FERRE Milano brand features a contemporary interpretation of style, carefully tailored for people who love the distinguishing values ​​of the Gianfranco FERRE brand: elegance, exclusivity and quality. The timepieces combine the Italian elegance for which the brand is proverbial with the uncompromising craftsmanship and quality required of a Swiss-made timepiece. FERRE Milano watches are a bold statement of luxury.

The designer models include elements emblematic of the brand, such as the famous FERRE logo, crocodile leather and great attention to technical details, which meet the highest quality standards demanded by the brand's sophisticated fans. The watch cases are made of steel and are available in white, rose and yellow gold. Chains are stylish, most often made of leather or gold-plated steel.

The company relies on a carefully balanced combination of experienced industry experts and young, innovative talent to ensure total dedication to the customer, marketing and quality service. For its brand portfolio, the Brand follows a strictly selective approach. In this way, it ensures a complementary price and design positioning.