Edox watches come from a Swiss watch brand with a long tradition, founded in 1884. They are distinguished by a classic design, but also an incomparable elegance.

For more than 130 years, Edox watches have combined maximum precision with ingenious solutions - even for the most demanding customers. The products are resistant to water, ice and snow and are even protected in hot deserts.


One of the reasons for the strength and durability of these accessories lies in the high-quality construction of the watch cases. The engineering of each case, consisting of up to 20 individual components, is perhaps the best testament to its seriousness in achieving perfection in every detail.

Edox watches for men and women come with a reputation for integrity and excellence in the world of luxury watches.


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Take a close look at all the products that the brand offers to find the watch that you will like the most. We can guarantee you that many of the offered products will appeal to you, but choose only one - the one that screams your name.

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