Certina can look back on its 125-year history. The company has a great number of achievements in the art of watchmaking, but we will note only the most important ones in our opinion.

Founded in 1888 by brothers Kurt - Adolf and Alfred in the Swiss town of Grenchen. An idealistic place where they hired their first 3 workers and their business quickly flourished. 

1959 is the year that the concept of "Double Protection" or DS (as it is properly named) was born. This is a fully shockproof automatic watch, with water resistance up to 200 meters. This standard is the beginning of a new generation of watches for years to come. 

The technology was tested on an expedition in the Himalayas in 1960, where it successfully overcame all challenges, including strong temperature fluctuations and significant differences in pressure and altitude. In 1965 came another test of this system, but this time it was below sea level in the US Navy's Sealab II underwater project. The scientists and divers of the project confirm the incredible performance of the watches. Over the years, other expeditions to NASA and Japan followed, in which Certina proved its quality and superiority. 

In 1971, they created the first watch that shows a person's daily biorhythms. A real innovation for those years when people didn't know smartwatches.

 In 1983, the brand joined the newly created SMH Group, which became the world's leading watch group and was renamed Swatch Group Ltd. in 1999. Certina sports watches are in the mid-price segment of the corporate group's range, making them extremely sought after. 

2004 - The DS-3 1000m model recaptures the heritage of Certina's famous diving watches. This automatic watch is water resistant to a record depth of 1,000 meters. 

The brand has collaborated over the years with a number of celebrities who become Certina ambassadors. Among them are names such as the Norwegian Ole Einar Bjorndalen, the most successful biathlete in the history of sports, Muhammad Ali, the Belgian motorcyclist Roger de Coster and many others. The brand is also a sponsor in a number of sports competitions, some of which are Formula 1, motor rallies, as an official partner of Abu Dhabi Total World Rally Team, ADAC GT Masters and many others. 

The distinctive symbol of the brand is the turtle on their logo. But why a turtle?

According to the brand, it best symbolizes their products, namely longevity and strength. The very name of the Certina brand comes from the Latin "certus", translated as "certain". 

There are several more main reasons to stop at this brand and they are:  

  • The glasses they use are sapphire crystal for best durability        
  • They are fully sealed and have a reinforced back cover        
  • The crown is reinforced with 2 extra gaskets to keep water out, as well as another one in its axis itself 
  •  An additional seal is also placed on the crest to ensure that no water will penetrate the mechanism. 
  •  The materials used to make the watches are of the highest possible quality 
  •  The designs are extremely beautiful and elegant 


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