Bruno Söhnle has been established by a family tradition. They enter the wristwatch business industry in the year of 1957. Eight years later, during 1965, the family establishes the company as a Dutch one, which sells Swiss wristwatches. And during the 2000th the familia opens it’s own atelier for handmade watches and thus,they start their own production of the already well known and precise watches. During the year of 2008 the brand present in front of their business partners and the World their first mechanic watch with manual winders!
All watches are one piece of the art!
The Bruno Söhnle brand is proud with their esthetical, beautiful and perfect watches. They focus on the detail, as well as on the technical part. Much knowledge, inspiration and dreams, that have been gathered decades, is needed to make such watches. Every single watch is developed with great patience, swiss precision and mainly by the two bold hands of master watchmakers. 
Fine aesthetics and high quality and technical functionality is what makes Bruno Söhnle different from all others: a precise piece of the technical art!
Bruno Söhnle 17-63183-841 Men's Watch
149.56 199.41 valid until 31 May
Bruno Söhnle 17-63171-850 Women's Watch
299.11 398.81 valid until 31 May
Bruno Söhnle 17-13176-241 Women's Watch
176.40 235.20 valid until 31 May