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Everyone dreams to go by sea and to spend his time on the beach with a drink in the hand while the sea breeze gently caresses his hair. Things seem so incredible until you realize that those few drops of water have completely damaged your expensive watch. Something so small can ruin your whole day because nobody goes by the sea with the intent of waiting with an angry look in front of the watchmaker’s studio. In this article, you will learn about the different levels of waterproof and several brands of water-resistant watches for every taste. 

The first thing you need to know is how to recognize the different levels of waterproof and what are their abilities. Many people mislead and buy watches after seeing the inscription “water-resistant.” Yes, these watches really are water-resistant, but it is very important to know the waterproof level so that you won’t get disappointed with your purchase. Each watch has a number with the “water-resistant” inscription. This number determines what kind of contact with water the watch can take. The manufacturer places the number, and sometimes an inaccuracy is possible. However, these numbers are the main criteria if “a waterproof watch” in the store means that it can take only a few drops of water or that you can dive into the water with it.

Watches with the lowest resistance of contact with water have only an inscription or a 30m. number. This means that the watch can only handle a few drops of water, for example, when waves, rain or handwashing splash it. If the water is more than this, the result will be a complete breakdown, which means you can’t take a bath with it.

The next level is 50m. You can safely put the watch underwater, for example, to wash the dishes or to go in the shower. The contact with water won’t be harmful to the watch but don’t expect you can swim or dive with it.

With level 100m. and above are the top class watches. A watch with a waterproof level of 100m. and up to 200m. is ideal for diving in shallow water and sports swimming. It has a high level of endurance and won’t let water in it. With this kind of watch, you can also venture into more extreme sports like water skiing, riding a jet or surfing.

Watches with a water-resistance level above 200m. are designed for professional use and are used by racing swimmers who dive in depths and use oxygen bottles. These watches are also known as “Divers watch” and are used to detect the spent time underwater. They have a very high quality, which allows them to withstand the underwater pressure.


What types of watches are suitable for vacation by sea?


If you hope to enjoy the water and beach on your vacation, it is recommended to buy a digital watch because it has a high level of water-resistance. Most of the mechanical watches have a maximum level up to 30m. Their purpose is to be a luxury accessory, and they can easily let water in. Still, if you’re planning on quietly relaxing on the beach and reading books, brands like Moscow Classic, Orient Watch and Casio are great for you. They have a luxurious vision and a very quality mechanism. If you strive more for a prestigious appearance than for water adventures – the mechanical watch is your best option.

For serious swimmers, who can’t be satisfied with beach relaxation only, it is advisable to give up their vanity and to put on a digital watch with a rubber seal. These types of watches don’t look so prestigious and are certainly not a suitable business meeting accessory, but they do an excellent job of contacting with water. Some of the quality brands for digital watches are Lorus and Q&Q. They have incredible models that won’t betray you. Their use is suitable for professional swimmers, long-distance swimmers or people who just forget to take off their watch on time.

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