The war between the watch and the smartphone

Today we will talk about the war between smartphones and watches.

In recent decades, we often hear the question of whether the mouse will eat the book.


We don’t really have the answer for that, but with the growth of technology, such questions come from every corner. Will the people be moved from the computers, will technology replace the old craftsmen in their places, will everything be electronic? For some, this sounds like a story written by Ray Bradbury, but for others, it could be a dream come true for one better and certainly easier future.

We really wondered what would happen to the old crafts, the things the young generation is now saying are old school, but we grew up with them. Here is the most accurate example – what is your reaction
when someone asks you “What time is it?” Do you look at your wrist or put your hand fast in your pocket?  One has accompanied humanity in the last few centuries, and the other for decades has succeeded in supplanting it (or at least some people are saying this). We will not give you a specific answer as to who will win this war, we will even try not to make it obvious what our opinion is (no matter how difficult it may be), but we will give you facts. Which are the best sides for both watches and smartphones? Enjoy reading!


We all remember the 1990s huge phones whose antenna was longer than the radio one in your car? Just twenty years later, they are replaced by the thinnest models of phones that are not visible, even in the
pocket of the tightest jeans. Three years ago, the New York Post came out with the loud title “Smartphones will kill the watch industry!”. The fact is one – in every person’s pocket is a machine that is stronger and is more clever than the one that fired Apollo 11 to the Moon. Telephones can manage our emails, social networks, and with a voice command you can make you an event for the hairstyler and remind you that it’s six-thirty and you have to go to a meeting with your friends. Many of the watches do not even have the ability to set an alarm. As strange as it sounds, smartphones are much more precise and accurate, when we talk about time. Do we have to take the watch back or forth when we change the time twice a year? Well, your phone will recognize that it is this day of the year and will do it for you. Yes, we admit that some watches also do this, but here’s another example. You fly to Italy? No problem, your phone alone will recognize that the time zone has changed and will be updated. Interestingly, many watches still do not have the ability to illuminate in the dark, making it impossible to see what is the time in a room without light. You will not have this problem with a smartphone, since all of their displays are well-lit … as long as they have a battery, of course.


The first mechanical clock dates since XXIV century! This is a story that can not be overcome with a light hand. Over the years, mechanisms have changed, improved, and developed to help people in their daily
lives. What is the best about mechanical watches? You do not have to charge them every day. Of course, the batteries are wasting over time, but their lives can not even be compared to the one that smartphones overall. It may take months and years before you have to go to the watchmaker to change them. From the quality of craftsmanship, the watch industry for sure invests much more in both materials and ideas, so that your watch can be a faithful companion for as long as possible, often not only for life but also for the generations after you.

Is the phone in your bag or maybe in your jacket’s inside pocket? Well, if you want to quickly see what is the time, it’s certainly quicker to look at your wrist than to start a spectacular search on your belongings. Once a part of your life, the watch never leaves you. Even in the bathroom, because many of the watches are waterproof and there is no problem entering them in the bathroom, the sea, and some with a dive in the depths of the ocean. We still do not know if a smartphone can withstand the strain in space, but it is proven that the watches are doing great on the surface of the moon. 

Well, technology is evolving quickly, we do not deny
it, so the watches adapt well.

They are becoming more modern and smarter to satisfy the modern taste of our generation. What technology can not give, however, is the sense of class and sophistication that watches can. Seeing a person with a modern phone, you immediately say, “Well, he understands by technology, cool!” But seeing a man with a watch whose mark is dating for three centuries, for example, what you can think of is that this is certainly someone who holds on both quality and aesthetics. Smartphones often talk about our current feelings and desires, they are something transient. You buy a phone with the clear idea that you will change it in a year, or two. Today, one phone is trendy, and tomorrow another while it’s not like that with the watches. In the time, they are getting better and bring not only material but also emotional value to their owner. A watch speaks of our essence and the overall way we live and can present us with the best light to the others.

Example: Imagine you’re to a  job interview. What impression would leave the fact that you have a watch? It says that you are a serious, responsible person who is always in time. Now imagine what will happen if you put your phone in the middle of the interview and start watching it. Of course, people who wanted to hire you will think you are frivolous and distracted, and the likelihood of calling you decreases significantly.


It is true that we said we would not be biased, but the facts are clear. Who do you think will win this war – the smartphone or the watch? Share your thoughts in a comment and do not forget to follow Timedix’s
blog for more interesting articles.

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