How to clean and polish your watch?

True watch lovers know how important the stylish accessory on their wrist is. The watch is a combination of a practical and functional accessory, fashion statement, and an expression of our style and individuality. And as with everything else that we care about, it is important to keep our favorite watch clean and in good condition, so that it can be a part of our daily life for a long time. But how to clean and polish it?

Why should we clean and polish our watch?

In our fast everyday life, in our work and even in our free time, we almost constantly use our hands. If our favorite accessory is on our wrist for the bigger part of this time, then it is in constant contact with the dust from the urban environment and other unpleasant conditions. Even expensive watches can darken, fade or wear out if we do not give them the care they need on a regular basis. However, the delicate fine materials watches are made of, have to be cleaned in a special way, in order to remain safe.

How to clean our watch?

  • Daily care

The daily care of your watch does not have to take long. Nevertheless, it is good that you wipe your watch with a soft and delicate, microfiber cloth. Focus on the front and back parts of the dial, as well as the winding crown. That is where dust, moisture, perfume, soap, and hand lotion can often get. This daily care will protect your watch and it will remain shiny and beautiful, just like the first day after you bought it. It is best to create this habit at the end of the day when the dirt is accumulated the most.

  • Monthly care

Everyday care will guarantee you a beautiful watch for long years. However, once a month, or at least once every few months, you should spend a little more time on your watch than the quick wipe that cannot reach all the tiny spots. Take off the strap or chain of your watch and then wipe well the spots where it connects to the dial. In order to polish your watch well, it is a good idea to use glasses or jewelry cloth which can delicately wipe and clean your accessory.

  • Special care for the chain or strap

Naturally, different kinds of materials need different kinds of cleaning. You should also keep in mind what you watch is made of and whether or not it is waterproof. And if you are about to buy a watch now, make sure you ask the consultant about the best way to clean that specific model. If your watch has a stainless steel chain, you can take it off and clean it with some water and soap. For the most efficient cleaning, you can even use a brush but be sure that it has soft bristles that will not scratch the surface of the chain. After that, dry it out well using a microfiber cloth. In case your watch is waterproof, you can proceed the same way with the dial too.

If, however, your watch’s strap is from genuine leather, do not use water in any case. It could scratch the strap and damage it permanently. For cleaning leather straps, use only a dry cloth or one with a little bit of leather conditioner that you can find in specialized stores.


If you do not feel comfortable enough to clean your watch at home, simply trust a professional. Watchmakers can polish the dial well, they can take care of small scratches or damages. It is a good idea to take your for preventative care in the specialized stores where they can check on the mechanism and take care of your accessory as a whole.

And last but not least, do not forget to treat your watch the same way you treat every favorite thing of your wardrobe. Store it properly, keep it away from damaging chemicals, moisture, and direct sunlight. And if you wear perfume on your wrists, make sure you do not spray it directly on your watch and wait long enough after spraying before you put it back on your wrist. Follows these tips and your watch will be eternally grateful!

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