How to adjust the time on your watch

How to adjust the time on your watch? Once watches needed frequent winding and adjusting to work and show the accurate time. For a long time, people were burdened by tracking their accessories to make sure that they will not be late for a meeting or that they will wake up on time. Luckily, nowadays we do not have this problem and this seems like a forever ago. As most watches today are pretty accurate and of high quality, we only need to wear and enjoy them without worrying about their constant maintenance.  

But as accurate as one watch is, we need to adjust its time periodically a not only with daylight savings twice a year. The truth is that your watch is affected by the magnetic fields, the gravity, and even the time you spend wearing it. All these factors can affect the mechanism and your accessory might run too fast or too slow. At first, glance, adjusting your watch might seem like an easy task. However, in this article, we will present you with some useful tricks and advice which will guarantee you the most accurate time.

The time for adjusting your watch  

If you have woman’s or man’s watch, probably it needs adjusting, as a general rule, you should avoid doing this in the hours between 20:00 o’clock in the evening and 4:00 o’clock in the morning. This curious fact is relevant mostly for watches that show the date too. If you change the time during these hours, this could affect the date. However, there are many different models and mechanisms. This is why you should always read the instructions and the recommendations in the instruction book from the manufacturer which comes with your watch. 

Apps for an accurate time 

Surely, at home, you must have at least one clock according to which you set the time on your wristwatch. You probably often use your computer or phone for this, too. But how accurate is the time that they show? The difference between the actual time and the one you see may differ with a few seconds to up to a few minutes. For your convenience, the modern technological world offers apps for phones or tablets and their function is to present the most accurate time possible. Here are some of them: 

Atomic Clock & Watch Accuracy Tool 

This is one of the highest-rated time apps and as its name suggests, it is based on the atomic clock which is famous for its best accuracy. Besides showing you the exact time, this app gives you the opportunity to track the time on your wristwatch. This way the app calculates how fast or slow your accessory runs. It is available for mobile phones or devices using Android. 


Toolwatch is another great app that you can use on devices using Android as well as iOS. Installing it and using it is free and it has all the necessary features so that you can adjust your wristwatches and wall clock at the most accurate time. The app also gives you useful information about different watch brands and models, modern as well as classic ones. Toolwatch also has a high rating and is very recommended by users.   

Time Calibrator 

This app is made to give the most accurate information to its users, no matter what their geographical location is. It is linked to the main atomic clock in Switzerland and uses quantum technology. Via this technology the information is transmitted no matter where you are and you can track the most accurate hour, minute, and second possible. Besides being free, this app is available for Android devices, as well as for Apple. This way you can enjoy it whichever your choice of phone is.  

Time has always been one of the most important things for man. And when you adjust it, it helps you always to be aware of the exact time. After all, most of the things we do during the day depending on the time. And today more than always we need the most accurate time possible. With our busy, hectic lives, the multiple meetings and assignments we have it is important that we stay organized and on time. But with our busy everyday life come also modern resources like the abovementioned apps of which we could not have even dreamed until recent years. This is why we should take advantage of them and be grateful for the incredible opportunities we have today. 

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