What Watches Do Celebrities Like to Wear?

Brands love to collaborate with celebrities, turning them into so-called brand ambassadors, and thus many fashion trends have been born and inspired by those celebrities…

Being under the limelight all the time, celebrities, from actors to sports figures to presidents and princesses, can shape the public opinion and make us buy or, in many cases, when we cannot afford it, at least yearn to have a piece of clothing or accessory that they own.


Brands love to collaborate with celebrities, turning them into so-called brand ambassadors, and thus many fashion trends have been born and inspired by those celebrities. The late David Bowie, for example, inspired Louis Vuitton in their ‘L’Invitation Au Voyage’ campaign in 2013 to create a timepiece that is both masculine and feminine, defying gender boundaries, just like the great artist did in the past.


Fancy events, such as the Cannes festival and the Oscars are used by famous fashion brands and more specifically watchmakers, such as Chopard, to boost their presence and influence shopping decisions.


With the great variety of watches today – quartz watches, mechanical watches, smartwatches and the like, wearing a luxurious timepiece is considered a fashion statement and what is more – as a status symbol.


Hollywood celebrities seem to be obsessed with unique, one of a kind pieces, which show off their appreciation of timeless classics, as well as the jaw-dropping amounts of cash in their bank accounts, since this obsession comes with a rather high price tag.


Did you know that Kim Kardashian went as far as spending $379 500 in an auction to get her hands on a Cartier Tank worn by former first lady – Jackie Kennedy?


Watch collecting is a trend that has been there for decades, and celebrities like Bradley Cooper have caught up on it, boasting with an $11 000 IWC watch, Bvlgari Octo Watch, Dior Homme and the likes in his collection.


So let’s take you on a sparkling tour on some of the most popular watches worn by celebrities around the world, shall we?


Rolex Daytona

There is a ridiculously long waiting list for the extremely popular among celebrities Rolex Daytona. Introduced in 1963 with professional racers in mind, this luxurious timepiece is not just visually pleasing, but also practical with a reliable chronograph, allowing race drivers to accurately measure average speed up to 400 km/hr.


As a brand, which has positioned itself fitting for the rich and powerful, it is no wonder that it is a favorite among many celebrities. The Rolex Daytona has been seen on the wrists of many famous people, including Jennifer Aniston, Miley Cyrus, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jason Bateman and others.


Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day Date

You may have heard people referring to this watch as the President’s watch due to its high popularity among US Presidents.


Just before World War II, Rolex started gifting their watches to important figures, such as President Eisenhower and Winston Churchill. It actually turned out to be a great success, as many presidents of the 20th century owned a Rolex, and therefore Rolex officially stepped into the high league. President Eisenhower was the first US President to own a Rolex – Rolex Datejust.


Launched in 1956, the Day-Date is a timeless classic made of 18-carat gold. President Lyndon B Johnson was the first US President to wear it, and at that time the timepiece cost about $1500.


The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day date is not only popular among US Presidents, along which is also Donald Trump but has also been seen on the wrist of celebrities, such as Justin Timberlake, Selena Gomez, Warren Buffet, Victoria Beckham and LeBron James.


TAG Heuer

The Swiss watchmaking company has been around for over 150 years and has become a preferred watch brand to many celebrities and non-celebrities through defying conventional methods in watchmaking and thus achieving high levels of precision and performance of their watches.

Matt Damon is a long-time fan of the brand and has been spotted wearing the Formula 1 and Link chronographs, and Leonardo DiCaprio has been a long-time brand ambassador. Patrick Dempsey was spotted wearing the Monaco Calibre 12 Chronograph at the Monaco Grand Prix in 2016, and Cara Delevingne is a current brand ambassador for TAG Heuer.

Other celebrities who love wearing the TAG Heuer watches are Tom Brady and Tiger Woods.


IWC Portofino

Clean design, elegance, and class – these are the three words to describe the timeless classic – IWC Portofino. Launched in 1984, the Portofino collection has established itself as a favorite among both men and women.


Celebrities, among which Emily Ratajkowski and Kate Mara enjoy the elegant, sleek design of the watch. Bradley Cooper and Chris Evans are also big fans of the IWC brand, and especially the IWC Portuguese watch.


Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Quartz

By launching the Royal Oak in 1972, Audemars Piguet made a bold and risky move, as the design was perceived as rather futuristic at that time and people would either fall in love with it or hate it.


However, the iconic geometric design of the watch soon gained popularity among celebrities, and even its rare (for luxury timepieces) stainless steel case did not stop celebrities from wanting to have it.


You would see celebrities like John Legend, Kylie Jenner, Usher, Alessandra Ambrosio, James Corden, Olivia Palermo and LeBron James rocking the watch on their wrists.



The Swiss watchmaking company has been crafting luxury timepieces with creativity and innovation in mind since 1833. In almost two centuries, the company has introduced some iconic collections, such as the Reverso, born from the Art Deco movement in 1931, and the Master, “with refined masculine lines”.


Everyone’s favorite character from the series Game of Thrones – John Snow, a.k.a. Kit Harington was spotted wearing a Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin watch at the Emmy awards in 2016.


Other celebrities who love wearing Jaeger-LeCoultre luxury watches include Sara Gadon and Jay-Z.


Bremont Alt1-C

Created by two former aircraft designers, Bremont watches elegantly feature elements and style from aircraft.The Bremont Alt1-C watches “bring together the art of watchmaking with the very best of technical innovation, precision and durability”.


Among the celebrity fans of Bremont watches are Tom Cruise, Orlando Bloom, Bear Grylls and Ryan Seacrest.


These are some of the most popular watches that celebrities like to wear these days. Other popular watch brands include Omega, Cartier, Chopard, Breitling and Patek Philippe.


Do you have a favorite brand for watches? If so, share in the comments below, we would love to hear it.

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