The watches of the most famous athletes in the world

The world-famous athletes are role models and an inspiration to thousands of people. Many of their fans idealize them and want to be like them – from the achievements they accomplish and the records they break to their sense of style and the brands they love. That includes the irreplaceable accessory as well – the watch. It shows the most important factor for an athlete – the time. However, the watch for sports stars is much more than this. Ultraluxury brands of watches choose for their ambassadors and partners some of the most popular stars in the fields of tennis, football, basketball, and golf and are some of their main sponsors. In the list below we present some of the most impressive watch models and who wears them.

Hublot King Power of Usain Bolt

The Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt is not only the fastest man on the planet. He is also an ambassador of the Swiss watch company Hublot. The model Hublot King Power is designed together with the athlete and is a part of a special limited series. The 250 watches of this model were created in honor of Bolt after his record-setting run of 100 m for only 9.63 seconds at the London Olympics in 2012.

This is an impressive and massive but at the same time a sports watch. The dial is 48 mm and is made of black ceramics, the strap is from gold synthetic leather, similar to the material Bolt’s shoes were made of. In the dial there are green elements too and this way we can see all of the colors of the Jamaican flag. The watch we can see on the wrist of the person responsible for its inspiration – Usain Bolt costs $ 18,000.

The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean LiquidMetal of Michael Phelps

Since 1932, the competitions at the Olympics are timed thanks to the Swiss watch company Omega. As the most decorated Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps earned the right to have a watch created in his honors.

In 2004 the American swimming legend became an ambassador of the brand and helped create the watch Seamaster Planet Ocean LiquidMetal. As the name suggests, this model is inspired by the water and is completely water-resistant to 600m. Tiny helium escape valves make the watch endure the high underwater pressure and this makes this Omega watch a dream for every diver.

Again in comparison with the sea and ocean, the main color of the dial, the strap, and even the case is blue. All this is in nice contrast with the bright orange lines on the rubber stripes and with some small details on the 45 mm titanium dial. The case-back of the watch is from crystal sapphire through which we can see its mechanism as well as the engraved logo of Michael Phelps. The price of this watch is $12,400 and its is limited to only 280 watches for Phelps’s 28 Olympic medals.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Day & Date of Novak Djokovic

The Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic is one of the most successful athletes. He earns a lot from the prizes he wins from at tournaments. However, besides that, he also has contracts with different prestigious brands of which he is a model and an ambassador. One of those brands is Audemars Piguet. The Swiss watch company started working with Djokovic in 2011 and one of the models we see most often on the wrist of the tennis player is the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Day & Date.

The dial of this exquisite watch is only 39 mm and its surface is made of crystal sapphire which is scratch, dust, and moisture resistant. This watch is offered in stainless steel and 18 k pink gold with a brown alligator leather strap. However, Novak Djokovic says he prefers wearing the stainless steel one.

The tennis player clearly loves this model of Audemars Piguet and that shows on the tennis court too. In 2012 he won Rafael Nadal at Australian Open after a fierce game that became the longest Grand Slam final ever. Then Djokovic put the watch on his wrist before even touching the trophy.

Rolex Datejust of Roger Federer

Many people think Roger Federer is the world’s best tennis player of all time. Many think Rolex is the best watch brand too. Besides their thousands of fans all over the world, Federer and Rolex share their Swiss nationality as well. The tennis legend became a partner of Rolex in 2012 and confesses that it is hard for him to choose his favorite watch by the brand. However, one of the top places on his lists is taken by The Rolex Datejust.

This model is also known as the President’s watch. It is from stainless steel and over the years, it has become one of the most recognizable watches of all time. One of its features is the signature 3 o’clock window that shows the date. It has a Cyclops lens that enlarges the number and makes it easier to read. This is one of the best-known features of the Rolex watches.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980 1AR 001 of Conor McGregor

The Irish MMA fighter Conor McGregor is famous for his fighting skills and his love for expensive and glamorous things. Except for the fast cars and shiny jewelry, McGregor loves high-quality watches too and has a watch collection that is worth over $ 800,000. Besides the wide variety of watches he has, we can often see the fighter wearing a Nautilus 5980 1AR 001 by Patek Philippe.

The Swiss brand Patek Philippe is a synonym of refinement, luxury, and high quality, so this fact does not surprise us. The watch Nautilus 5980 1AR 001 is a remarkable fusion of stainless steel and rose gold. The dial is in beautiful dark blue, covered with crystal sapphire and its price is nearly $100,000.

Richard Mille RM 27-03 Tourbillon of Rafael Nadal

The Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal has his own game style, rituals and a specific behavior on the court. But except for all his peculiarities, we can distinguish him with something else too – he is the only tennis player that wears a watch during the match. And if your first thought is that any unnecessary accessory can be an obstacle during something so intense like a tennis match, then rest assured. The Richard Mille RM 27-03 watch is so light that you wouldn’t even feel it.

Nadal is the ambassador of Richard Miller and his favorite watch weighs only 20 grams, so it doesn’t interfere with the movements during the game. Even though it’s so exceptionally light, the watch is made from very strong quartz which is shock resistant. The goal of the creator Richard Mille was to make a watch that is comfortable and light but stable at the same time. This way the Spanish legend is not worried about his ultraluxury watch that costs $725,000 and wears it even at tournaments. The distinctive colors of this watch are the bright yellow and red and are inspired by the Spanish flag. There are 4 types of this model and from each type, there are only 50 watches. Rare and super expensive, the ultralight models of Richard Mille are one of a kind and there is no doubt that they are an innovation in the world of watches.

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