On which wrist should you wear your watch?

Nowadays, the watch isn’t something we use only to check the time. With time, this function of the watch has become less and less important. Today, everyone has a cell phone that carries around everywhere and that shows the time too. But even so, wristwatches don’t go out of date but on the contrary. We just wear them as an accessory just like jewelry. We have the opportunity to choose among different models, brands, different straps, clock faces, and sizes. But even though everyone agrees that the watch is a beautiful accessory to our outfit, there are different opinions about which wrist should we wear it on.

You might notice that most people wear their watches on their left hands and as an unspoken rule, the majority thinks this is how it’s supposed to be. But let’s see why.

The first wristwatches

Before we get to the arguments about how exactly we should wear our watches, let’s see what the predecessors of this modern accessory were – the pocket watches. They were used mainly by men and they were most commonly attached to a chain so that it was easier to get them out of your pocket. Some of them also had a clip and you could attach them to your clothes.

The first wristwatch was made in 1868 and long after this point, only women wore it. Men at the time still had their pocket watches. However, during World War I, soldiers found out that it was much easier to check the time on your wrist instead of getting a watch out of your pocket. This was how wristwatches became more popular and their production increase. Meanwhile, the pocket ones turned even more useless.

Why do most of the people wear their watches on their left wrists?

The main explanation for this global phenomenon is the simple fact that most people are right-handed. This is why most people found it easier to wear them on their left hands ever since they got popular. If you need to write, paint or generally use mostly your right hand every day, you would have some difficulties with a watch on it. Besides that, it is easier to buckle your watch strap with your right hand.

The same goes for all the smartwatches that became such a hit. Most people would find it very difficult to navigate their smartwatches with their non-dominant hand.

Of course, just like all other rules (even the unspoken ones), this one has exceptions too. Most likely the majority of us have seen someone wearing their watch on their right wrist and we have wondered why. The strange thing is that not only left-handed people find this more comfortable. The truth is that it’s possible to find some activities easier doing them with your left hand, even if your right one is dominant. For example, a lot of right-handed people prefer to play tennis, brush their teeth, etc with their left hand. In this category, we can also put the wearing of a watch.

Some people say that men should wear their watches on their right hands and women on their left. Some say exactly the opposite. We have heard even of beliefs that divorced people have to have their watches on the right hand. Of course, none of these statements have been backed up with valid arguments and it’s most likely that they came from different cultures’ points of view and even superstitions.

Who wears their watch on the right wrist?

For many years, people under the Soviet Union government were not allowed to write with their left hands. Left-handed people were made to learn to use their right hands from a very young age, even though that was extremely difficult. The requirement that the right hand had to be dominant was applied for the watches too. This is why watches were produced to be worn exclusively on the right wrist.

Luckily, nowadays our political views don’t impact such things. We can write with the hand we are most comfortable with, we can wear watches however we want. However, some psychologists think there are subconscious reasons regarding the people who choose to wear their watch on their right wrist.

According to some theories, people with more creative thinking prefer the unusual way of wearing a watch. Those kinds of people are usually writers, painters, designers and artists who are characterized by creativity, strong imagination and innovative thinking. Whether that’s just a theory or not, it’s interesting to look for those qualities in the next person we see with a watch on his right hand. Time is the most precious thing in everyone’s life. We try to use each minute, to control each hour and to enjoy each day. Luckily, we have created a beautiful and elegant device that counts each moment. In our hectic everyday life, an accessory such as the watch may not be able to add more hours to the day but it can sure express our individuality and can make us more confident. So wear your favorite watches how you like and conquer each day with style!

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