Timedix is exclusive representative of the two famous Russian brands Raketa and Pobeda

We are proud to announce that since May 2019 Timedix is the main represantative of the two famous brands Raketa and Pobeda. They are a product of one of the oldest factories in Russia – Peterhof (St. Petersburg) and later they even open their own watchmaking school. The two brands are recognized by their unique nationalist design, dedicated to various achievements in the history of the country and many Russian celebrities.

Raketa – “Only the best – nothing else“

The Raketa brand was created in 1961 in honour of the first world cosmonaut – Yuri Gagarin. The name “Raketa“ means space ship in Russian. A distinctive feature of the brand is that all models start with the number 0 instead of 12, which is a symbol of a new beginning. Almost all of the models have a mechanical movement and their design is marked by the DNA. Some of the timepieces have even achieved emblematic status and are prized by collectors around the world.

The factory is famous for its own production of the mechanic movement “Raketa-Avtomat”, which is present in all Raketa models. The heart of the watch is its small spring made of a secret Russian alloy with a precision down to 0.5 microns (0.0005 mm). The transparent back of the watch allows you to observe its flickering and to enjoy the “heartbeat” of this masterpiece. The factory is one of the very few in the world that produce each part of their watches by themselves, even the smallest details. It is very interesting that for the production of each of the “Classic Avtomat” models are required exactly 103 specialists and 8201 separate manual operations. How impressive is that? The watchmakers are working as a well-oiled machine and some of them even got their skills from their fathers. Besides their hard work they put a piece of their soul into these amazing timepieces.

The main sources of inspiration are heroic personalities and sensational achievements of the Russian history. For the creation of the watch designs the factory cooperates with some of the most famous Russian artists, dancers and painters. This is how Raketa “Premier” was created and it is designed by the star Bolchoi dancer Artem Ovtcharenko. The film director Emir Kusturica, who loves Russian art, designed the “Avant-garde” watch to celebrate the centenary of the Russian avant garde artistic movement. Other source of inspiration are the space trips, and through cooperation with the famous Russian astronaut Sergei Krikalev, the model “Baikonur” was created with special features necessary for space travel. The factory also cooperates with the large Russian aircraft manufacturers Suhkoi and Tupolev to develop models for pilots. The Copernicus model is fully inspired by the theory of Copernicus for the universe. Other interesting collections are “Navy” for lovers of the sea with an electronic compass and durability up to 300 meters under water and “Polar” which is designed for extreme conditions.

According to manufacturers each Raketa watch is a story where every page and chapter has its meaning and they proudly declare they offer “Only the best – nothing else!” You can find the Raketa models on our page in Timedix.

“Your time – Your Victory!”

The Pobeda brand was created in 1945 in honour of the victory of World War II and its name was chosen by Stalin himself. “Pobeda“ means “Victory“ in Russian. The watchmakers mission was to create a watch symbolizing the spirit and heroism of the Russian people. There has been a tradition of producing Pobeda watches as a prize for special events – military, sports, scientific or cultural. The brand quickly became very popular and by 1960 Pobeda was one of the most popular watches in the world. One of their models was even the first watch traveled in Space. Two months before Yuri Gagarin’s legendary trip in space, it accompanied the dog Chernushka on the Sputnik 4 satellite, and landed back on earth perfectly unharmed. After that the factory produces the model Pobeda “First in Space” in honour of this achievement.

Pobeda watches continue to be a symbol of the individual striving for success. Each time designers create a new range, they find inspiration in the Soviet models of Pobeda, filled with the spirit of the Russian victory.

All Pobeda watches have quartz mechanisms and are produced at the Petershof factory. Nowadays the brand is in direct collaboration with the world of fashion. For example, the factory collaborated with designers from the Russian fashion brand “Sputnik 1985” to create a watch based on the classic Pobeda model.

They are oriented towards the younger generation with interesting and colorful designs, as well as for older people of all kinds and interests. The trend continues the tradition to dedicate each model of a different event or interests and there is even one timepiece dedicated to football fans. Part of the most popular collections of Pobeda are „Officer“, „Ilyushin“, „Crimea“, „Mir“, „Military“, „Classic“, “Vesna”, „Anthracite“, „First in space“, „Rodina“, „Red 12“, „Russian Navy“ and „Russian Air Force“ and they have recently been renovated with more color variations. If you’re looking for something different and interesting, check out our Pobeda suggestions here.