Top 10 most expensive watches

Top 10 most expensive watches in the world

The watch is an amazing accessory that can complete your outfit with style. Thanks to the hundreds of different watches we can buy nowadays, we have the opportunity to choose from classy, elegant models to casual, sport, waterproof and even smartwatches. This allows for wearing them every single day and for every occasion. Just like the models, we notice a variety in the cost of the watch. The price range varies from just a couple of bucks to thousands and even millions of dollars. And even though everyone chooses a watch depending on their financial status but have you ever wondered how expensive are the most expensive watches in the world? The answer to this question might shock you, so keep reading below and find out for yourself.

Why are some watches so expensive?

Making watches is not an easy job, but why are some so expensive? The cost of a watch depends on many factors, but the main three are these:

Because they are handmade

Every watch has a complicated mechanism made out of hundreds of details that are responsible for its impeccable work. This mechanism requires full attention to every single part and all of this is done by hand for the luxury watches. Some watchmakers have to be trained for years so that they perfect their skills. And as we all know, everything that is made by hand requires a lot of work and therefore, costs a lot.

Because of the limited series

Some watches are made only in special limited editions. That means that there are only a few from a certain model. But besides their limited amount, they require special attention. This is much harder and logically, much more expensive. Besides that, it is a luxury to own something not everyone can have. That is why the most expensive watches of a certain model are just a few.

Because of the brand

When we buy something, we don’t pay only for the product. Often the price is higher because of the name of the brand, not because of the product itself. The most luxurious and costly watches are made by companies that have proven themselves over the years. By gaining the image of a high-quality brand, they can also sell their watches for more.

But let’s see now, which are the top 10 most expensive watches in the world.

10. Louis Moinet Meteoris

On the tenth place is this Swiss watch that is truly a work of art. Its price is $4.6 million. And if this shocks you at first, maybe you will better understand why after you see what this timepiece is made of. As the name suggests, this unique accessory contains rare materials from the space. There are parts in its mechanism that are made from tiny meteors from the Moon fallen on the Earth.

Besides that, the case is from 18k rose gold, it features also 2 sapphire crystals with anti-reflective treatment and hand-sewn strap made of Louisiana alligator leather. Since there are only 4 watches of this model, the Louis Moinet Meteoris is one of the rarest timepieces in the world and worthy of true collectors. 

9. Hublot Big Bang

The price of the next watch in the category is a little higher – it costs $5 million and is made by the Swiss watch manufacturer Hublot. The company says this is the most precious model in its 39-year-old history.

This model truly is remarkable with its 1282 encrusted diamonds in total! 140k diamonds sparkle on the 18k white gold all over the watch – on the strap, on the dial, even on the crown. This timepiece required the hard work of 17 specialists for 14 long months. An interesting fact is that the famous rapper Jay-Z gave this watch as a present for Beyoncé’s 43rd birthday.

8. Vacheron Constantin Reference 57260

Declared for the most complicated watch ever made, this work of art costs $8 million and is actually a pocket watch. Reference 57260 is named like this for the 57 mechanical complications it features and in honor of the 260th anniversary of the Swiss company  Vacheron Constantin. It is the result of the work of three genius watchmakers and it took 8 full years to manufacture it.

This pocket watch shows everything you could possibly think of – the time, the Gregorian calendar, the Hebrew calendar, the astronomical and even the Moon calendar. It also features an alarm.

The lucky guy who got to possess this complicated but interesting watch is an American collector who preferred to stay anonymous.

7. Patek Philippe Ref. 1518

Patek Philippe is another Swiss company that creates fascinating timepieces. The pocket watch Ref. 1518 was sold out at an auction for a little more than $11 million ($11.136.642 to be exact) in 2016. One of the reasons why it cost so much is that the stainless steel case. This is a rarity among the watches of Patek Philippe as most of the other luxury watch they introduce have yellow or rose gold cases.

There are only 4 watches of this model.

6. Jacob & Co. “Billionaire Watch”

The Billionaire watch, as the name suggests is a pretty extravagant model by Jacob & Co. The price of the jewel-like watch is the whopping $18,268,000 million and the famous boxer Floyd Mayweather known for his love for shiny things is one of its lucky owners.

The whole rectangular case of the watch has 260k encrusted diamonds and the case itself is made of 18k white gold. The dial has a special tourbillon mechanism that counteracts the gravity effects which might make the watch incorrect. This type of mechanism can be found only in the highest class of watches.

5. Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication

Further on in our list, we once again put a pocket watch. This time by Patek Phillipe and the price of this amazing collector piece is the whopping $24.000.000 million. The watch is named after the famous American banker Henry Grave. He commissioned it to Patek Phillipe to outdo the work of another watchmaker – James Packard.

It took 3 years only for the design for this masterpiece and another 5 for it to be manufactured. It was introduced in 1933, so it also has antique value. The Supercomplication watch is one of the most complicated ones in the world and has 24 different functions such as all kinds of calendars and the sunrise and sunset times. And if you are not really impressed by this after everything you have read so far, then have in mind that on the dial of this watch you can also see a celestial map of New York as seen from Henry Graves’s apartment on Fifth Avenue.

4. Chopard 201-carat

The Swiss jewel and watch manufacturer Chopard was established in 1860. Since then it has produced over 75 000 watches. However, this one is a lot more different and special than anything mentioned until now, and than anything else by this brand. For $25.000.000 million you would get a true diamond jewel. The whole watch is covered by diamonds in different shapes and colors.

The case is in the center of this jewel and is made of white and yellow gold. It is surrounded by 3 big heart-shaped diamonds – an 11k white one, a 12k blue one and a 15k pink one. The bracelet itself is also encrusted with hundreds of white and yellow diamonds, shaped together like a flower.

The incredibly glamorous watch bracelet has another amazing feature. By pressing a special mechanism, the three heart-shaped diamonds in the center open like petals exposed to sunlight. This actually exposes the dial, which, of course, is also covered with diamonds.

3. Breguet Grande Complication Marie-Antoinette

We have reached the top 3 watches and the third spot takes the magnificent pocket watch Breguet No. 160 also known as Marie-Antoinette or The Queen. The Swiss watchmaker Breguet introduced this masterpiece in 1827 but it is thought that the model was commissioned to him in 1782. Unfortunately, the creator died in 1823 but his son finished his work.

The price of this timepiece today is $30.000.000 and the watch includes all known functions at the time. It has a white gold case and the dial is transparent so you can see through it all the little mechanisms behind it. Except for gold, we can also find platinum, rubies, and sapphires.

2. Graff Diamonds The Fascination

The silver medal on the list gets The Fascination by the English company Graff Diamonds. This unique bracelet costs $40.000.000 million and is encrusted with 152k white diamonds. In the center of this piece, we see a big 38.13-carat pear-shaped diamond. It also covers the dial so it can become a glamorous bracelet. Not only that, but it can be detached from the watch and can be worn as a ring.

The company says they get inspired by the truly precious and rare diamonds and they try to implement them in their masterpieces.

1. Graff Diamonds Hallucination

The honorable first place takes a watch by the same brand but this time with the name Hallucination. It costs $55.000.000 and is even shinier and more extravagant than The Fascination. The feeling of surrealism and hallucination is brought out by the hundreds of diamonds in different colors and hues. Some of them are 110 carats and are encrusted on the platinum bracelet. The gentle colors of the diamonds vary between light yellow, white, light blue, green and intense pink. Besides the incredible variety in the colors, the diamonds are also in different shapes. They are oval, pear-shaped or like drops. This mixture of shapes and hues amazes the eye with glamour and luxury.

The dial in the center of the bracelet is also covered with carefully picked crystals. Handmade, breathtaking, magical and incredibly expensive – this is one of the most wanted watches in the world and the winner in the category.

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