Bering – the beauty of the Arctic meets the elegance and style of the Dutch designers 
The minimalistic approach to the precious, Danish designs can be all yours! The brand is being rated amongst the most skillful and unsurpassed makers of jewelry and watches in the World! For the first time, people from around the Globe meet with such beauty in it’s clean, simple, but durable and stylish design of watches. 
During the year of 2008 during an ordinary day, the nowadays Danish designer, René Kaerskov jumps from a helicopter and falls into an immense and endless Arctic exactly over the North Pole. When this happened, Rene had no idea that he will navigate his parachute to land on a new Era for him! Falling into the cold, his heart is captured by the cold and simple beauty of the infinite, white, ageless, ice fields! Strongly impressed from all he had seen and felt, Rene delivers his experiences and ideas to his closest business partners Michael Witt Johansen and Lars Gram-Skjønnemann. Thus, they begin to work on their ideas and inspirations for starting a business. After creating the high quality, precious designs of all wristwatches, there comes a time for giving the brand it’s name! After many suggestions and idea names, one has stuck to the whole concept by representing the ‘bond’ between everything they felt, experienced, all main factors that led to the establishment of the company that is today… and this name is of the Dutch sea-farer Vitus Bering. 280 years ago Vitus enters sailing to the great Ocen and finds what today is Alaska! He is the first European succeeding in finding and accomplishing such a discovery. Thus, one of the four time zones is named after him.