The Swiss company Atlantic was founded before 1888 by the merchant Eduard Kummer, which originally bore the name "EKB". Its initials are borrowed from the names of its creator, as well as the Betlach district in Switzerland. In the first years of its creation, a team of 20 watchmakers worked for the brand, mainly engaged in the production of pocket watch parts.

The company was one of the first to create waterproof watches, which led to a change of its name in 1920, by which it is still known today - Atlantic. Before 1960, the brand also developed a system for automatic date change, which is still in use today.

Gradually, the brand entered international markets such as Romania, Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria and managed to gain the trust of consumers.

Although Atlantic relies on high-quality components in production, their models are positioned in the low price range, which makes them accessible and attractive to customers.