Armani Exchange watches express the vigor of the youthful spirit, bringing a playful twist to the sophisticated dress code. They are a vivid display of the free and creative spirit of the individual. The Armani Exchange brand, part of the Armani organization, was founded in 1991. The first and still flagship store opened in Manhattan. The brand is growing so fast that it now has 270 stores in 31 countries. Known for its provocativeness, it reinvents itself in urban yet chic street style. The accessories belonging to Armani Exchange, in addition to their unique design, are also known for the extremely high quality inherent in every brand and line under the Giorgio Armani umbrella.


In early 1981, legendary fashion designer Giorgio Armani decided to expand his fashion empire by creating a new line of accessories. This is how Emporio Armani sees the light of day - a young and modern brand that is an addition to the already famous Armani Fashion House.


Combining his impeccable fashion design and extraordinary creativity, Giorgio Armani brings his inimitable style to the world of watches. Emporio Armani quickly captured the attention of fashion enthusiasts and became a prestigious brand that embodies individuality and class.


Over the years, Emporio Armani continues to develop its design and technology, offering a wide range of styles and models for men and women. From classic to modern, from sporty to elegant, the brand's watches adapt to different preferences and styles of their wearers.


With its precise chronometer and carefully selected materials, Emporio Armani guarantees quality and durability in each of its products. The brand uses state-of-the-art technology to make its watches to ensure accurate timekeeping and long-lasting functionality.


Emporio Armani watches are not just accessories - they are an expression of style, confidence and determination.


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